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Lil Rae Cakes Apron Love

Thank you to EVERYONE who has been spreading love about my GameBoy inspired apron!

Now, MANY people are like… “ummm… why aren’t you selling them?!”

Funny enough, I was actually going to start in on aprons to sell… that was the plan in January. Business was slow with people not wanting to eat sweets after the holidays. I was planning out different projects for the year while enjoying hikes practically every other day.

Suddenly, Sweet Harts reopened, and I was asked to come back on board with my cake balls! I ended my relationship with Sweet Harts last May. It’s now under new ownership, and it’s running amazing!

Since I joined Sweet Harts again, my cake balls are becoming more and more in demand as people start realizing they’ve reopened. That means… not a lot of time for other projects.

Obviously, i’m not complaining! Anyone who has their own business loves having A LOT of business!

Some things have been put on the back burner for just a little while.

The aprons i’m making right now are for when i’m catering to an event or making an appearance somewhere.

I have MANY sketches of different aprons, and i’m hoping to get some out soon! I’m in the process of working on one that I actually think MAY just be a bigger hit than the GameBoy inspired apron. I have the material ready to go. Now, it’s just a matter of cutting the fabric and sewing. 

My goal out of wearing aprons is to make it more of a fashion accessory than a kitchen accessory. 

The aprons I make are NOT meant for the kitchen.

Be on the lookout for more Lil Rae Cakes aprons!

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